ACA Minutes 2021

Arkansas Chess Associations Minutes from 2021

ACA Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Link to minutes from 9/1
Link to minutes from 8/22 (including elections)
Date: Wednesday, May 26th, 2021
Time: 6 PM
Location: Phone Conference
embers Present: Nick, CJ, Jerry, Stephen, Famous
Board meeting to schedule and house the Arkansas State Championship. Stephen called the meeting to order 6:03pm.
CJ offers the venue Herschel Hall in Greenbriar, with room for 100+ people, a sound system, bathrooms, a lobby, and an extra room for skittles. They would have food trucks in the parking lot. They want $2,250, and the nearest hotels are a ten minute drive.
Nick offers Homewood Suites, where the State Championship has been held in the past. It was $750 last year, and players can stay at the same place as the playing hall. Nick also offers the Little Rock Church, with motels a few miles down the road, where Ryland Brown says we could play. Nick suggests that if we take this route, we should make a $500 donation for the use of the space.
Jerry asks for information about how much money is a concern for this decision when choosing venues. Brief discussion of logistics: need to pay for the room, prizes, USCF rate, sometimes td, scoresheets, and so on. “Sometimes we’ll make $100-$200, sometimes we’ll lose it.”
Nick requests sponsorship ideas from the board. CJ mentions we had three sponsorships last time and the trophy shop is excited to help out again. Nick mentions The Root Cafe nearby.
Famous offers as a venue for the State Championship the ASU Pavilion in Jonesboro, which could be rented for three days for $400, fits 150 people with an outside patio and room upstairs for skittles.
Nick motions to have the plans finalized by June 8th, Famous seconds, and the motion carries. Nick motions to have the championship the second or third week of August depending on venue availability, Jerry seconds, and the motion carries.
CJ offers to speak to the trophy shop and expects thirteen trophies for $150. Stephen motions for CJ to handle trophies for $150, Nick seconds, and the motion carries.
Final vote for the venue tabled till Friday,
Nick suggests that he should talk to the CAAS President Sheryl Donham for setting up an online tournament to select invitationals for Denker, Barber, and National Girls. Stephen requests that Nick include Thomas Lee in this process, and also set up the Senior tournament at the same time. Stephen makes the motion, Nick seconds, and the motion carries.
Famous will confirm information for the venue and send that out.
Next meeting information: None set; to be determined.
​Name and Date of secretary/recorder: Jerry Wells, submitted 6/16/2021
Arkansas Chess Association meeting minutes August 2, 2020
President Steve Paulson calls meeting to order. 6 present.
Treasurer Ryland Brown’s financial report:
Only financial activity since last meeting was payment for web hosting and USCF state affiliate
fees. Total current balance: $2,498.72. Ethan, Jerry make motion to accept report. Passes
Elections for Treasurer, Secretary of ACA Board:
Nick Jaeger, Ryland Brown nominated for Treasurer. Brown declines nomination. Nick wins
Treasurer election unopposed.
Jerry Wayne Wells, Caleb Taylor nominated for Secretary. Wells receives three votes. Taylor
receives one vote. Wells wins Secretary election.
Ryland makes motion that future board members have freedom to update website and payment
process. Jerry Wayne Wells seconds. Passes unanimously.
Steve Paulson makes motion to write letter to First Security Bank to instruct to change the board
officer names on the ACA account. Add: Jerry Wayne Wells and Nick Jaeger. Remove: Caleb
Taylor and Ryland Brown. Wells seconds. Passes unanimously.
Caleb Taylor makes motion to adjourn. Ryland seconds. Passes unanimously.
Date of meeting: Friday March 23rd 2018.
Before AR OPEN Time: 7PM
Location of meeting: Les Cline’s home (801 N Rush Dr. Fayetteville)
Executive Board of ACA Meeting to Discuss:
AR Championship(s), approve so they can be added to the calendar and promoted at the AR Open to players. Follow-up from last meeting – has Bill Orton been told yet that the motion he made and was passed by a membership vote has been overturned by the Exec. Board? Grand Prix update: income thus far, list of coming GP events. By-law updates – discuss with board to then finalize for general membership mtg. Scholastic Chess matters: Girls Championship, Open Championship, Grant money – trophies and USCF scholarships. Proposal to use profits from the Scholastic Championships to enhance stipends for the 3 Champions. Proposal to make that a permanent addition to by-laws so it does not require an annual board vote. New events added to calendar since October discussion: Urban Knight’s Open, Scholastic Tournament added in LR for the summer, Senior Championship added for later in the year. Share info on Maureen’s request for AR representative to US Chess Women’s Committee. Discussion – how do we mentor/apprentice newbie club leaders to help them get their club established. How do we help new TD actually hold a tournament – we have several TD in the state who have not held a tournament. Ideas for tournament-in-a-box, mentoring program, or something to help solidify people as they want to start something so they are not left floundering. IRS contact to replace Ron for ACA – did this get taken care of? NEW – How will we determine AR delegate to National Senior Championship? Members present/absent and others present:
By conference call: Tony Davis, President; Ryland Brown, SWLRCC.
In Person: Stephen Paulson, VP; Paul Hill, Treasurer; Karis Bellisario, Secretary; Les Kline, FCC; Josh Pruett, Searcy/Beebe Knightlife; Jonathan Carlson, WCC;
Arriving mid-way through meeting: Ryan Billingsley, Sch. Coor.
Time of “call to order” and by whom:
Stephen Paulson, VP 7:30PM Karis did verbal role to benefit those on the phone.
Approval/amendments of previous minutes:
Paul Hill read previous minutes, approved as read.
Officer reports:
Treasure gave estimated ACA balance, no access to current details; will update board after.
Committee reports:
None – ACA currently has no committees.
Appointment of by-laws committee pending.
Scholastic Committee need referenced.
Old business:
Agenda Item 1: Lengthy discussion on championship format revisited: Open/Closed, and options related to motion from August and discussion and vote from October. October Board vote was to have both an Open and a Closed Championship. However, currently no affiliate has submitted a proposal for either Championship, but we do have other events submitted. So no decision on Championship(s) made.
Item 2: Karis updated all on new Grand Prix events currently scheduled, plus other events on the calendar: the Senior Championship scheduled for Sept, and the two scholastic championships for April, including a first time Girls’ Championship April 7.
Item 3: By-laws. From October, Tony was to appoint a by-law committee of volunteers with the task, at that time Karis was asked to be on the committee, and Stephen volunteered. Before the meeting, Karis had sent everyone on the board some notes on potential by-law adjustments. The committee is Tony Davis as President/Chair, Stephen Paulson, Karis Bellisario, and Paul Hill. The officers have the deadline of 30 days prior to general membership meeting to get the proposal to the Executive Board, to approve for presentation to General Membership for a vote at the summer General Membership meeting held in conjunction with State Championship.
Item 8: IRS. Stephen Paulson shared that IRS shifted ACA fiscal year not to our financial year, but to our Oct. date of being approved as a non-profit. He also shared took care of the form 990-N submission needed by March 15th, 2018. He mentioned he has done this task for other non-profits he is involved with. The board thanks Stephen. Copies of 990-N covering 11-01-2016 through 10-31-2017 were given to members present.
New business:
Agenda Item 4: Scholastic Championship update: Stephen Paulson shared that he had seen the letter that accompanied the $1000 grant, and that it required the money be used this year or any unused money be returned. He suggested we use all the money given. It was brought up that there needs to be a copy of the letter to the officers, so it can be added to both Treasurer records and Secretary records. Ryan is to provide that to Paul and to Karis. After Ryan arrived, he updated the group that the trophy costs increased to $400 this year, and that there were only 4 who requested USCF membership scholarships. Discussion occurred that profits from EF and grant be used as profits were in 2017, to enhance stipends.
Motion made to use profits again this year from Scholastic Championships, including leftover grant money, to enhance travel stipends for our three champions who travel to WI. Passed unanimously.
Motion made to amend by-laws, for general membership approval, to read that any profits from Scholastic Championship(s) will be used to enhance the travel stipends for student champions above the ACA $100 item budgeted. Passed. This proposed change will be incorporated into by-law revisions by committee for general membership vote so there will not be the need for an annual vote by the board to designate any scholastic profits for scholastic champions.
Item 9: Senior Adult Champion – it was decided that the September 2018 Senior Championship hosted by SWLRCC, would determine AR 2019 Senior delegate and alternate, but for 2018, Les Kline proposed we start at the top of the rating order and call those qualified (age 50+) and see who was interested. Karis shared that those contacted be informed of the length and out of pocket they will incur.
Karis motioned that ACA add a $100 travel stipend for the Senior Adult Champion who represents AR nationally. After discussion, motion seconded by Les, motion passed unanimously, so this year board has approved it, and going forward it will be reflected in budget proposed to membership at summer general membership meeting.
Item 6: Discussion about Maureen Grimaud’s request for AR representative on Women’s Committee of US Chess. After discussion, it was decided that this opportunity would be brought up at Girls’ Scholastic Championship to see if there were any volunteers. If no one steps forward, it can be brought up at the general membership meeting in the summer.
Item 7: Karis updated board on two recent affiliate losses (Benton and Conway), affiliates precarious (Bentonville/NWA), and there was discussion of how experienced TD and established clubs might mentor new TD. Les Kline will be bringing Ryan in to assist with the AR Open and Scholastics as an example, and Paul Hill bringing Josh Pruett in to help TD Beebe Quads. Board would encourage other experienced TDs to look for similar opportunities to apprentice others, and Paul pointed out that he didn’t really have help and would encourage newer TD to start with a club event or something small, or ask for help if needed.
Next meeting information: None set; to be determined.
Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Les Kline, seconded, and approved. Adjourned 8:44 PM
Name and Date of secretary/recorder:
Karis N. Bellisario submitted 4/14/2018
Date of meeting: Saturday October 20th, 2017, Time of meeting:_ 4:25PM – 6:12PM
Location of meeting: Southwest LR, and others patched in via conference call
Type of meeting: Executive Board of ACA
Meeting to Discuss:
Grand Prix proposal AR Championship motion that passed to modify the state championship By-law updates needed Calendar Facebook situation Designated donations, Sponsorships and Funding via non-profit status Status of scholastic. New IRS contact to replace Ron for ACA.
Members present: In LR: Tony Davis (non-voting); Stephen Paulson, Paul Hill, Josh Pruett, Ryland Brown, Tyler Madsen. Via Conf. Call: Karis Bellisario, Les Cline, Ryan Billingsley
Members absent: Derek Jones, Matt West, Brandon Crabtree
Others present: Al Myatt, LRCC
Time of “call to order” and by whom: Meeting called to order by Tony Davis at 4:30. Karis took a verbal roll call.
Approval/amendments of previous minutes: Stephen Paulson motioned to dispense with reading of previous minutes. Paul Hill seconded, motion passed unanimously.
Officer reports: none submitted (We need a Treasurer’s Update on the State Championship)
Committee reports: none
​Old business:
Grand Prix proposal. Discussion occurred with the first motion by Paul, seconded by Les, requiring that Grand Prix participants must be both current USCF and current ACA members at the end of the year to be eligible for GP prizes. Motion passed 3 in favor, 1 opposed and 2 abstentions. The GP proposal was next modified to stipulate a funding source of $1/per AR player submitted by the Tournament Director of each GP event, to the ACA after the event. Stephen Paulson then proposed we adopt a GP for the calendar year 2018, with the modifications made, and the motion was seconded by Paul and passed. Stephen has agreed to type up the Grand Prix plan, with the modifications, and send to the Secretary. The discussion of the AR State Championship changes that were voted on in August took place. The Executive Board decided to nullify the membership vote that took place in August to the Bill Orton motion – this was done due to concern, but without any vote. Stephen Paulson motioned that we add an AR CLOSED State Championship to our events, Paul Hill seconded with tournament details to be worked out later, but providing both an Open and Closed State Championship should an affiliate bid on them – motion passed 5 in favor, 3 opposed. Note – general membership voted to eliminate the bidding system in August 2016, but a motion was made to reinstate the bid system, but it was also not voted on. By-Law updates. Karis suggested a committee be formed. Paul Hill motioned that the President, Tony Davis, appoint 3 or 4 members of the Executive Board to serve on a By-laws committee. Paul Hill asked if Karis would be interested in serving, and she agreed. Tony will be contacting others to handle the updates needed to make our by-laws reflect current practices and various membership votes. If interested, contact Tony.
New business:
The 5 New Business Items bulleted on the agenda distributed in advanced did not get addressed during this meeting due to time constraints. Karis Bellisario asked that a deadline be set for affiliates and TDs to indicate interest in Championships (the now two state championships: Open and Closed, and the Scholastic Championship) to insure the “major” events get on the calendar that is filling with more minor events. No deadline was established, but Tony did say he appreciated it not overlapping the holidays.
​Next meeting information: To be determined.
Adjournment: Stephen Paulson motion made to adjourn, seconded, passed. Meeting adjourned approximately 6:12PM
Name and Date of secretary/recorder: Karis N. Bellisario 10//21/17
Sunday, March 19, 2017
Location of meeting: Millar Lodge, Mt. Seq. R.C. Fayetteville in conjunction with AR Open
Type of meeting: Executive Board of ACA
Meeting to Discuss:
o Change in Treasurer
o Budget Approval
o Upcoming Tournaments
Members present: Stephen Paulson, Pres. (non-voting, unless tie); Ron Sanders, VP; Paul Hill, Treasurer; Karis Bellisario, Sect.; Les Kline, Fayetteville CC; Brandon Crabtree, Conway CC Members absent: Jonathan Carlson, Westark CC Others present: Ryan Billingsley, Scholastic Coordinator
Time of “call to order” and by whom: Stephen Paulson called the meeting to order at 7:57AM
Approval/amendments of previous minutes: Stephen Paulson motioned to dispense with reading of previous minutes and budget report. Les Kline seconded, motion passed unanimously.
Officer reports: none submitted
Committee reports: Budget Committee (Stan Carter, former Treasurer; Ron Sanders and Stephen Paulson) met previously and created budget presented for approval. Stephen Paulson presented the proposed budget from the budget committee. First vote of budget failed 2-3. Discussion and amendment followed, amended budget passed.
There was update about the website not being listed. Ron seconded, first vote failed 2-3. Paul Hill motioned to amend the budget to include $50 toward secretarial supply expenses, discussion followed, Les Kline seconded, motion passed 4 in favor, Ron opposed.
Old business:
Stephen Paulson received the resignation of Stan Carter as Treasurer. Stan has retired/resigned. The board thanks him for his past service to ACA. Per the by-laws, as President, Stephen Paulson could appoint a replacement, and has asked Paul Hill to be Treasurer for the remainder of the current term which ends August 2018. Paul Hill accepted, and then Stephen asked for the board’s approval on the appointment, which was unanimous. Motion and vote not required. The board welcomes Paul.
Karis Bellisario shared that the ACA received a donation of $200 from Thomas Lee, father of Kenneth Lee, for the AR 2017 Scholastic Championship Trophies. This is the first donation received by ACA after our non-profit 501 ©(3) status.
The board was informed that Karis had negotiated with Just Host Basic website Hosting for $156.86 for 3 years which is less than one year Plus hosting had cost us previously ($179/yr), with no difference in serviceability or functionality. This renegotiated rate was approved by the officers via phone messages on 1/18/17. We have one year of domain name for no charge as well.
New business:
Paul Hill mentioned that he has been reviewing financial records received. Two check registers were in use, and two checks were missing (#2152, #2153). He will be using one register and continuing to acquaint himself with the financial records he has received.
Ryan Billingsley presented his invoice for the Scholastic Championship trophies for reimbursement. Since this was fully covered by a designated donation for this specific purpose, no vote was required, and a check was presented to Ryan before the conclusion of the meeting.
Ron Sanders made motion to reimburse Karis Bellisario for $30.99 for previous expenses related to organization of contacts, and creation of a substitute for Memorial plaque. Les Kline seconded, passed unanimously. Check was presented to Karis before the conclusion of the meeting.
Stephen Paulson presented proposal from Tony Davis of Urban Knights for State Championship in Conway. Questions arose regarding previous proposal from Westark CC. An objection to the time control was raised, so the time control was amended to add a delay 5 to all time controls on the TLA/flyer. Discussion followed about the round times on Sunday which Stephen Paulson will revise in TLA and flyer to be consistent regarding times for Sunday rounds. Karis Bellisario shared that the later start time is due to the selection of a church as the venue. Stephen Paulson is the event TD. Discussion was made about the based on 50 being a problem to our reputation of not paying full prize fund. Motion made to approve Urban Knights proposal with the revisions to time control and corrections to TLA, seconded and passed, 4 in favor, 1 abstention (Karis).
Karis Bellisario made a motion that proceeds from Scholastic Championship April 8th be earmarked for enhancing upcoming scholastic stipends for the champions, in an even split. Discussion followed. Les Kline seconded. Motion passed 3 in favor, and 2 opposed (Ron and Brandon).
Stephen Paulson and Paul Hill will be meeting in Batesville in the near future to get Paul Hill added to the ACA bank account signature card.
1) Les Kline shared that the Open was profitable, with record attendance, and he would be giving ACA approximately $80. Discussion followed that the general fund is at about $3k, currently the general fund does not have a stated purpose, and the annual budget items are covered by the membership dues collected.
2) Karis reported that the current dues collected from the August 2016 State Championship, and the November 2016 Memorial totaled $340, with an additional $25 received yesterday (March 18th) from three new memberships (2 adults, 1 student). Karis will pay Paul Hill all membership dues received before the conclusion of the day.
3) Stephen Paulson announced Famous Taylor and Scarlet Chess Club will be hosting a June tournament with $5000 guaranteed prize fund, and distributed a flyer. We hope to support this as a board with publicity and participation as much as possible. Stephen Paulson is serving as TD for this event in Jonesboro.
4) Karis Bellisario shared the April 8th Scholastic flyer, asked the board members to help promote the event to student players in their home clubs.
Next meeting information:
Stephen Paulson announced the annual general membership meeting held prior to the state championship will be at 11AM Sunday morning, with the first round beginning at noon. This later time to the annual meeting is due to the delayed access into the church.
Adjournment: Stephen Paulson motion made to adjourn, seconded, passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned approximately 8:30AM
ACA 2016 membership meeting minutes
River Valley Inn, Fort Smith
Members present:
Josh Pruett, Charles Holomlka, Blake Tanner, Paul Hill, Ken Eddy, Les Kline, Sherman Pettigrew, Jonathan Carlson, Tyler Madsen, Karis Bellisario, Xiaoging Guo, Thomas Lee, Hon Chung, Ron Sanders Jr, Steve Paulson, Bill Orton, Brandon Crabtree, Peter Shirley, Ryan Billingsly.
Steve Paulson opened the meeting at 8 a.m., 8/20/2016. Stan Carter read the minutes. Ron Sanders, Jr moved to approve, Paul Hill seconded and the motion to approve passed unanimously.
Stan went over the 2016 Financial statement. After some discussion there was a general consensus for the statement to reflect more detail on the deposits, especially for tournaments. Paul moved to accept the financial statement, Ron seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Ron opened a discussion on the pursuit of 501(3)c status. Ron incorporated the ACA with the State of Arkansas earlier in the year and started the 501(3)c process with a lawyer. The current charges are $250 – $275. Steve discussed the annual paperwork involved and stated that it was not very much for a organization of our size. Steve listed the changes in the by-laws that would be needed to obtain 501(3)c status plus a couple of other changes. Les Kline moved to accept the new by-laws, Tyler Madsen seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Steve stated that we’ll also need a budget for the 501(3)c status. The main expenditures are the scholastic scholarships and the website. Income includes tournament income and memberships and need to be listed separately now for the IRS. Karis stated that the scholarships don’t match what other states are able to do. Lance discussed the benefit of having more scholastic events to supplement the treasury like other states. Lance also said that the Denker needs to be just a High School event to match the National event. Karis mentioned that the website costs were high and moved to explore new websites possibilities and said that she could do this. Paul seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Paul moved to table the discussion of the budget until the Memorial on November 5. Hon seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Ron moved to continue to pursue 501(3)c status using last year’s budget, Paul seconded, motion passed unanimously.
Steve bought up the possibilities of raising entry fees to help with the increasing room costs and the possibility of increased prizes. Ron moved to table the discussion, Paul seconded, motion passed unanimously.
Hon moved to encourage tournament directors to have a cheaper section in their tournaments for those wanted to avoid costs. Paul seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Lance moved to amend the motion to say “a cheaper non USCF rated” section. Paul seconded and the motion passed with Ron and Les opposed.
Nominations for Secretary and Treasurer were opened. Karis Bellisario was nominated for Secretary and Stan was nominated for Treasurer. Les moved to accept the nominations by acclamation, Paul seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Karis moved to do away with the current bidding system for scheduling ACA tournaments to better enable long range planning. A discussion ensued concerning the exact replacement mechanism. The general consensus was that the ACA board would assign or ask for volunteer clubs to host each tournament at the State Championship. Details for each tournament would be presented for board approval by the Memorial tournament. If two or more clubs volunteered for the same tournament, then bids could be submitted by the Memorial tournament. Bill Orton seconded the motion and it passed with 8 in favor and 3 opposed.
Karis moved to select Ryan Billingsly to oversee the ACA scholastic tournament(s). Tyler seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
Hon moved to adjourn, Paul seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Meeting was adjourned at 9:05 a.m.